how workThousands of people lose their homes or their vehicles when being repossessed by the bank or the lender when they are unable to continue paying them. There are many reasons why people stop paying their cars or their homes and although losing these properties can be a blow to anyone, is a latent reality in our days. According to statistics, it is expected that about 6 million people will be affected by this situation, in 2017.

To all this is added the loss of credit and the consequences that this brings in a country that moves on credit.

To avoid that a person's credit is affected by these misfortunes is that this website arises: to create a link between the debtor and the person interested in acquiring that asset that is going to be repossessed by the lender.
Ex: A person buys a Ford F150 in an amount X, but today he can no longer pay for it, so he can upload the vehicle data, the remaining amount to pay and his data so that whoever is interested will communicate with And make him a proposal to acquire it and finish paying the debt.

In this way the credit will not be affected and you can continue with your calm mind.

The process that follows the link that propitiates this website between people is a private negotiation between the parties and this website is not responsible for the agreement between both parties, the guarantees that are required or their result.

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